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About Us

About Us


Felps Professional is the premier brand of choice by prestigious beauty professional’s worldwide. We are always one step ahead with the lastest in product research and development, which provides quality of products for superior results.
We strongly oriented to produce high quality treatment to providing nourishing, hydration, moisturizing, intense shine, softness, smoothness, straightening and health to all hair types.

Felps the brand that makes your head!

In our products we combine natural ingredients like Brazilian nuts, argan oil, marula oil, macadamia oil and vitamins. With those combinations is possible to achieve great results Felps Professional is a globally acclaimed brand of hair care, Felps Professional products have gained international recognition & trust for their high quality and aggressive company support.

Felps Professional emphasis on education and valued customer’s satisfaction. Today is possible to find Felps Professional products in more then 40 countries around the world such as Brazil, USA, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Pakistan, Norway, The Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and Mexico

After a few months in the cosmetics market, the two founders felt the need to create three more guidelines to characterize the company, in addition to quality and fair value, which are customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the repurchase of goods.

The challenge of this creation (of the three guidelines) was in the development of a unique and exclusive line that could highlight the uniqueness of Felps within the market, as a brand that has unique articles. Through hard work and determination Bamboo Extract (hydration and growth) and Marula (nutrition) were created.

Bearing in mind that, through the feedback obtained from customers who tested the items, the particularity of Felps items was synthesized, in the sense that it is not possible to find something similar in the same price range that could promote all the benefits found in the Statement Bamboo and Marula.

This brief history helped to raise the confidence of the two founders who decided to expand their development efforts and strengthen the lines of transformation: Straightening brush type ( Omega Zero Uniq Nanoplasty and Okra XBTX ), Botox repair and mass replacement ( XBTX mass , XBTX I’m Blonde – Matizador and XBTX Omega Zero ), coloring ( Felps Color ) Discoloration ( Xblond ) Matizadores ( Magic Clay Black, Green and Violet ), among others.

Today, the brand’s founders are very proud to be able to offer products for all types of hair: from straight to curly, from blond to brown, always focusing on quality, price, satisfaction, loyalty and repurchase.

Added to this, the male line Felps Men , composed of: treatment ( Black Jack and Poker ) and transformation ( Craps ). The acceptance of Felps Men has been great and fast, for pleasing demanding and vain men who have discovered that it is possible to have easy access to differentiated articles.

The precursors of Felps, together with the entire team, continue to work with responsibility and commitment, seeking to develop novelties and improvements, in order to always provide the best within the cosmetics market.



We are a company formed by professionals with extensive experience in the field of hair aesthetics.


Be at distribution points accessible to consumers nationwide and internationally in 5 years.


Offer Quality and Innovation in hair cosmetics for everyone, worldwide.


Mission and Vision are based on the following VALUES :
Transparency, Energy & Respect .